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Peugeot 205 rear floor stiffeners
  • Rear floor stiffeners (Peugeot 205)(MTO)

    Rear Floor stiffeners available in individual parts.


    Stiffener panel curved sections - These are the bits that trap water and rot through under your rear seats. If the stiffeners themselves are ok you may get away with just cutting out and replacing these curve parts. Made slightly oversize so can be trimmed and shaped to fit.


    Complete rear stiffener panels - Often rotted through and hiding more rot behind them, these complete panels come with the pre drilled 3mm strengthener for where the rear beam mounts. If your replacing these you will often need the side panels to with.  (Line up panel on car and mark before drilling holes for rear beam mounts.)


    Rear stiffener side panels - fitted to the side of the stiffener panels.

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