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205/309 rear axle beam bolt kits (2E)
  • 205/309 rear axle beam bolt kits (2E)

    We offer two bolt kits for rebuilding 205/309 rear beams. Both inlcude every nut bolt and washer that you will need to rebuild and mount the beam but the full kit also inlcudes the additional brackets that are mounted to the beam for brake pipes/cables exhuast etc.


    Bolts only kit contains...

    Upper and lower damper bolts/nuts/washers

    Beam to arm bolts/nust/washers

    Locknuts for attaching mounts and bolting to the body

    Saddle mount bolts/nuts/washers

    Torsion bar offset washers with countersunk screws

    ARB end plate bolts and washers

    Rubber grommets to replace plastic screws in ARB end plates

    Backplate(drum)/Calliper bracket(disc) to trailing arm mounting bolts


    Full Bolt and Bracket kit also includes...

    Torsion bar adjusting screws

    left and right hand brake cable brackets with clips for cables and brake pipes

    Left and right bake hose brackets

    Exhaust hanger


    Everything in the kits is available seperately or in kits assembled to your requirements on request.




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