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BE3/4 H Pattern Dog Gear Kit (DS)
  • BE3/4 H Pattern Dog Gear Kit (DS)

    SKU: bedog

    Brand new close ratio dog engagement gear kit to fit your standard BE3/BE4/BE4R casing.


    Includes your choice of straight cut crown wheel and pinion options – 5.5, 5.0, 4.58, 4.0 or 3.7.


    If these final drive choices do not suit your application we can supply any custom final drive option for an extra GBP 200, please contact us to discuss.


    Choice of 2 gear ratio sets:

    1st: 2.455 2nd: 1.75 3rd: 1.438 4th: 1.235 5th: 1.09 or long options of 1.05 and 1.0

    1st: 2.455 2nd: 1.75 3rd: 1.375 4th: 1.118 5th: 0.917


    If you would like advice on the most appropriate ratio and final drive options please supply your tyre rolling radius, optimum revs for gear shift, max RPM, and ideal top speed. We can then supply some suggestions and speed graphs to illustrate.


    Optional build/assembly service into your donor casing also available, please contact us to discuss options and pricing.


    Plate diffs also available.


    Due to the larger diameter of the lower ratio 5th gear set it is necessary to modify the tin end casing to provide clearance, alternatively we can supply one of our billet end casing at extra cost.

    The kit runs a larger/stronger 22.3×20 (7/8×20) input shaft spline, therefore it will be necessary to change from your existing clutch plate. We can supply via TTV as necessary.




    This is a Satchell Engineering product and while some items can be available for immediate dispatch, many items are made to order and can on ocassions take several weeks. Please contact is before ordering if you would like more detailed lead time info.