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Peugeot 205 Bilstein Tarmac Dampers (DS)
  • Peugeot 205 Bilstein Tarmac Dampers (DS)

    Tarmac spec dampers for Peugeot 205, suitable for track and tarmac rally applications. These dampers are matched to the original Peugeot Sport (PTS) specs.


    Front dampers are inverted monotube inserts to fit the Bilstein style bodies with long top spindle for spherical bearing type top mounts. (Can be used with spacers to fit standard top mounts - contact us for more info)


    Rear dampers are custom valved to original PTS spec 460/250 although this is very close to the standard valving in the cheaper 'off the shelf' 24-010382 motorsport rear damper which is 480/250 and is available here .


    Available individually or as a complete kit.


    Front - Peugeot Sport # 7235

    Front - Bilstein Part F4-XDE-7880-M3


    Rear - Peugeot Sport # 7236


    Tarmac Front Insert F4-XDE-7880-M3 are inverted dampers with 300/200 damping.

    Tarmac Rear Damper 24-010382T  is valved at 460/250


    We also have a range of fixed and adjustable spherical bearing top mounts to suit this damper set up, please contact us for more info.


    Bilstein style coilover bodies to take the inverted front dampers are also available on the shop here 

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